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Acoustic Trader was founded to help acoustic guitarists choose the perfect guitar. That is, the perfect guitar for right now. Because in our experience there is no such thing one guitar that rules them all for a lifetime. Even the great guitar masters of all guitar genres owned more than one guitar. 


That’s because each guitar has its own feel, tone, volume, and overall expression due to wood combinations, nut width, string or scale length, body depth and width, bracing, and so on. And of course there are the luthiers who have their own building style. The variables and learning curve is extensive. Unfortunately there is no way to try many options without ordering them online. 


Through our own research and hands-on experience working with luthiers and players we can shorten the learning curve and help you make the better choices.


Join our list and we will send you educational information and more. Reach out directly if you have any questions or want to discuss a custom build.


My highest regards,


Rick Perry

Founder, Acoustic Trader

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